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Ruth Bush
PhD Researcher, Doctoral Training Centre in Low Carbon Technologies

My PhD considers how district heating might play a role in future low carbon energy systems. The project links the disciplines of engineering, economics and social policy.
I am interested in

  • The influence of regulations, governance and business models
  • How uncertainty is treated within decision-making processes
  • How we can achieve energy justice within a future low carbon energy system

W: http://www.personal.leeds.ac.uk/~pmreb/
Follow me on Twitter: @RuthBush



Dr Catherine Bale
Senior Research Fellow

I am an interdisciplinary research fellow working applying aspects of engineering, economics and social science to energy challenges. My research focuses on:

  • The delivery of national energy policy at the local level and the role of local authorities in city-level energy decision-making
  • The application of complexity science modelling methods to energy challenges at the technology-policy interface.

W: http://www.engineering.leeds.ac.uk/people/eri/staff/c.s.e.bale
Follow me on Twitter: @EnergyFrin

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